Cultural weekFrom September 17 to 22, workshops, lectures, round tables, guided visits and a cultural tour.

TALKS PROGRAMMEMuseo del Traje, Madrid - September 18 - 20, 2019

Lectures will take place at Madrid Museo del Traje Conference Room (Auditorio). Free entrance as space allows. Registration is open online.

Topic: Textiles in Art.Wednesday September 18. From 5:30 - 17:30

Lecturers (in alphabetic order):

  • Beatrijs Sterk, Netherlands / Germany. Textiles in Fine Art – The Venice Biennial 2019 (El textil en las Bellas Artes – La bienal de Venecia 2019).
  • Inés Berni, Spain. Kakemonos, Passementerie and Bullfighter Costume: Textiles in The Work of Antonio Berni.
  • Kai Liang. China. Fiber Art in A Care Narrative .
  • Marta Kowalewska, Polonia. To be confirmed.
  • Silvia Ventosa, Spain. Aurelia Muñoz, A Research on Textiles in Space.
  • Velta Raudzepa, Latvia. Textiles in Art: Focus on The Baltic Countries.

Panel discussion. Moderator Lala de Dios. With Maribel Doménech, Marisol Salanova, Silvia Ventosa.

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Topic: Urban Art / Collaborative ArtThursday, September 19. From 15:30 - 17:30

Lecturers (in alphabetical order):

  • Giorgia Volpe, Canada. Textile Territories.
  • Janis Jefferies, United Kingdom. Textiles: Urban, Community and Collaborative Regeneration.
  • Maribel Doménech, Spain.
  • Mi-Kyoung Lee, Korea / USA. Community and Collectivity in Textile Art.
  • Patricia Reutter, Chile. COLOREARTE project.
  • Renata Meirelles, Brasil. Assesment of The Aim of Textile Making.
  • Tomás Clemens, Chile and Felipe Maqueira, Uruguay. The 20×20 exhibition: 2 countries, 40 artists.

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Textile Art and SustainabilityFriday, September 20. From 15:30 - 17:30

Lecturers (in alphabetical order):

  •  Ana Celia Martínez, Mexico. Sustainability of Traditional Raw Materials in Modern Life.
  • Cecile Bendixen, Denmark. Open Window Units. Reflection on the connections between the interior and the exterior.
  • Chunghie Lee, Korea. To be confirmed.
  • Paulina Ortiz, Costa Rica. Contemporary Textile Creation in Latinoamérica, an Integration Factor in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development.
  • Pilar Sala Vallejo, Spain. Nature, Art and Recycling.
  • Tina Struthers, Canada. The Flow of Our Blue Gold.
  • Susan Taber Avila, USA. From Trash to Textile Art.

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Workshop programMuseo del Traje, Madrid / Casa de Brasil - September 18, 19 and 20, 2019

The workshops will take place on September 18, 19 and 20 in different spaces of the Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII of the UCM and Casa Do Brasil.
Attendance is up to full capacity. To register you must pay the fee of the workshop through Pay pal or credit card through the purchase button on our website.

Improvising with fabrics by Concha RomeuLet yourself be carried away by the unconscious and the spontaneity to create a piece with fabrics.
titleTRANSMATERIAL COUTURE BY BREZO ALCOCEBA.Experiment, know new ways of creation with a new look, beyond what is seen in the material at first sight.
TEXTURES and/or VEGETAL TEXTURES.Obtaining and artistic possibilities by Pilar Sala.
Artistic wicker sculptures by Idoia Cuesta.You can be part of an art performance with vegetal fibers in the Alfonso XIII UCM botanical garden.
Who am I? I'm a puzzle, the sum of many things by Concha RomeuColors say a lot about us, the things we like and what we are. You will be part of a set of pieces that add up to one, a puzzle full of life, both for its textures, colors and above all for the hands that make it up, yours. Sign up and enjoy this collaborative and colorful workshop.
Textile sculpture by Beatriz Schaaf Create small sculptures in this workshop starting from the virgin wool manipulated and felted, in which we find an exceptional sculptural material through the technique of the felted one. Their sizes, shapes, densities and surfaces are only subject to the artistic expression and concept of their creator.
MODULAR COUTURE BY BREZO ALCOCEBAWhen we see a great architectural work we are out of breath, so why not create an architectural textile piece?.
Arpilleras workshop by Ana ZlatkesA different form of expression. Using scraps of fabric, thread and needle and with the incorporation of three-dimensional figures that help personify and give life to the characters you can produce a burlap that reflects the situations imagined.
Shibori y Nature by Pepa CarrilloGet to know this oriental technique that it´s on trend right now.
LANGUAGES BY CARMEN IMBACHLanguage help us to communicate, to express and to let ourselves be carried away by emotion.

Guided visits inn MadridSeptember, 18, 19 and 20, 2019

Online registration is mandatory.
Groups will meet in front of the main public entrance of the venues to be visited 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time for the visit. Kindly take care to be on time. Visits may not be delayed due to the museum visits programme.
For the Real Fábrica de Tapices (Royal Tapestry Manufacture) the visit has a fixed duration of two hours. For the other visits, duration is estimated.
Visits language: Spanish. Should there be enough demand, an English-speaking group might be organized.

Real Fábrica de Tapices.Wednesday, September 18: 10:30 - 12:30

Calle Fuenterrabía 2. 28014 Madrid. Tel. 91 4340550.

This visit has been specially designed for the WTA Biennial programme. Duration and contents have been extended and a special price offered. Besides the usual tour to the tapestry and carpet weaving workshops where you can enjoy classical technique at its height, the restoration workshops and the recently open Textile Interpretation Garden -featuring an array of tinctorial plants- have been included. WTA group special fee: 8,00€/person. Maximum: 25 participants.

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Museo de América.Thursday, September 19: 10:30 - 12:00

Avda. de los Reyes Católicos 6. 28040 Madrid. Tel. 91 549 26 41 y 91 543 94 37.

Special visit to the textile collections of the Museo de América lead by the Museum textile curator Beatriz Robledo. No fee is charged for the visit except for the special museum entrance fee for groups of 1,50€/person. Maximum: 20 participants.

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Museo del Traje.Friday, september 30: 11:00 - 12:30

Avda. Juan de Herrera 2. 28040 Madrid. Tel. 91 550 47 00.

Guided visit to the permanent exhibition and storerooms of the Museo del Traje (Museum of Costume) lead by the Museum textile curator Lucina Llorente. No fee is charged for the visit. Maximum: 25 participants for the exhibition and 15 for the storerooms.

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BARCELONA TOURSeptember 23-27, 2019

Barcelona textile tour
A 5-day journey through a rich panorama mixing heritage, technological innovation and contemporary textile creation in Barcelona and its surrounding area.
Guided visits to themost exciting textile collections, Materfad and the Massana School, private artists and designers studios, exhibitions, networking with local artists at FAD…