Calendar of Events


Centro de Arte Complutense (C arte C) UCM

Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII UCM

Museo del Traje

Museo de América

Centro Cultural Galileo (Guest artists)


International Call Exhibitions

Centro Arte Complutense-Sala c arte c (Universidad Complutense Madrid-UCM)

  • Large Format Textile Art-Indoors
  • Video Textile Art

Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII (UCM)

  • Large Format Textile Art-Outdoors

Museo del Traje

  • Small Format Textile Art
  • Photography Textile Image

Biennial Exhibitions

Museo de América

Invited Country Exhibition “Argentina”

  • “Ponchos de la Terra Argentea”
  • “Frazadas”.  Instalación
  • “Espejo de Tela”. Video

Centro Cultural Galileo

  • Invited Artists Exhibition (USA, Canada, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, England, Scotland, China, Japan, Korea, India and Spain).

Parallel exhibitions

Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII

  • WTA Artists Exhibition
  • Outdoor fence by “Tejiendo Colmenarejo”

Casa do Brasil

Brazilian Artists Exhibition

  • “TraMares, Un recorte del Textil Brasilero”

Casa de México

Mexican Artist`s Exhibition

  • “Entre el tejido yacen mis huella”

Fundación Antonio Berni

  • Antonio Berni Exhibition

Facultad de Bellas Artes (UCM)

  • Artists-Book ExhibitionFaculty Library 
  • Textile installation

Cesta República

Turkish Contemporary Knitting Art Exhibition

  • “Face&Reverse Contemporary Turkish Art of Knitting”

Instituto Iberoamericano Finlandia, Mercado de San Antón

Nordic Artists Exhibition

  • ”De la tradición a la innovación – pasando por la sostenibilidad”

Central del Diseño

Technological Fabrics Exhibition

  • “The Enchantment of Textiles”


Aurelia Muñoz Award
For the 8th WTA Biennial, the Aurelia Muñoz Award has been founded in recognition of the prestigious work of this important Spanish artist. The award will be given to a Spanish artist who has been distinguished for his or her career, both in Spain and internationally. The award has the support of the Muñoz family.

Judith Scott Award
This 8th WTA Biennial will confer the Judith Scott Award, honoring this American artist who, despite her physical and cognitive limitations, managed to transcend these and receive worldwide recognition with her “wool webs”, becoming an example of improvement and a model to follow. The award will be bestowed on an artist who, through textile art has opened up to the world, overcoming his or her difficulties and barriers. Fundación Once will temporarily loan an artwork from its collection to the Biennial in support of this award.