“The Sustainable City”

About the 8th BiennialThe Sustainable City

The VIII Biennial International of Contemporary Textile Art WTA focuses on those artists who choose to express themselves through fibers and woven, resignifying with their work the very concept of “textile art”, to limit it and make it explode in its multiple connotations of meaning. Crossing borders and combining disciplines, the participating artists of the VIII International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA, start from the fibers to merge with new technologies and venture into different lines of research, hybridizing searches and questioning categories, but keeping the textile as an integrating concept.

Using as main theme the concept “Sustainable City 2019, textile art an Integrating fabric”. The VIII WTA Biennial will not have a convener theme but a “Sustainable City” concept, which raises a double connotation, since artists will have the freedom to approach works of contemporary textile art on a wide variety of options and on the other hand -also not having a specific theme-, they will be able to develop the work with a great diversity of forms, techniques and materials.

The Sustainable City is one that is built according to ecological principles, educators and inequality. Knows how to manage natural resources in a balanced manner by self-supplying energy with the use of renewable energies, takes advantage of waste, converting them into new raw materials, takes into account the correct care of green spaces, regenerating and preserving the natural spaces of its parks, fosters urban gardens, parks and cares and conserves their rivers. It also manages the proper use of natural resources (water, electricity …) and the use of transport. Create spaces for leisure and the integrating culture of its inhabitants by offering social guarantees. In all this order of things, textile artists can contribute and make use of textiles as an integrating element, facilitating in many cases these principles as a traditional and innovative element.